Drape Collection

A truly customized approach to event drape, brought to you by the same trusted CORT Events team. Whether you’re outfitting a corporate meeting, building screen surrounds, or creating glamorous cabanas, our talented team of drape experts will provide you with a solution that's unique to your needs. With dozens of color, height and fabric options, and full service from start to finish, we’ll help you create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Drape Color Options

Midnight black velour drape

Presidential blue velour drape

Celctic white poly drape

Rich White Velour

Beige Super Velour

Winter White Sheer

Pewter Velour

Forest Green Super Velour

Deep Sea Blue Super Velour

Egyptian Gold Super Velour

Lilac Super Velour

Merlot Super Velour

Mocha Velour

Drape Color PMS Color Weight
A) Midnight Black Velour PMS-Black 6c 16oz
B) Valentine Red Super Velour PMS-17-1654-TPX 8oz
C) Presidential Blue Velour PMS-19-4056-TPX 16oz
D) Celtic White Poly PMS-11-4201 15oz
E) Rich White Velour
PMS-11-0602-TXC 16oz
F) Beige Super Velour
PMS-13-1010-TPX 8oz
G) Winter White Sheer
PMS-17-0000 16oz
I) Forest Green Super Velour
PMS-7728 U 8oz
J) Deep Sea Blue Super Velour
PMS-282 U 8oz
K) Egyptian Gold Super Velour
PMS-115 U 8oz
L) Lilac Super Velour
PMS-7662 C 8oz
M) Merlot Super Velour
PMS-1945 U 8oz
N) Mocha Velour
PMS-19-1016 16oz

Add Drape to your quote request and your dedicated CORT Events representative will be in touch to bring your vision to life.

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